CLAII - Closed Area II


2008/04/30 - 00:54
2008/05/02 - 00:54
Operational Areas: 

Nebo cruise 3. Survey to Closed Area II, HAPC.
Completed 3 grids [2 at 2nm x 1 nm, 1 at 1 x1, with .25 nm spacing between transects]
in areas previously containing Didemnum (including a grid extending both inside
and outside the closed area) however, no Didemnum was seen in the grids. The wider grids
spanned the western border of Closed Area 2, were half in half out.

Completed 2 other 1nm x 1nm grids within the HAPC, one focused on codfish bottom with emergent
epifauna, one on the eastern side of "the Leg".