Agenda and Post User Feedback for the Kickoff Meeting

NEBO users please read the questions of the October 17th NEBO kickoff meeting. Post your thoughts, comments, and answers at the Kickoff Meeting Agenda and Notes. You must be a NEBO group member to view and edit the Agenda and Notes and other restricted content. Anonymous users cannot see this content.

Useful Charts and Maps, Proposed Closed Areas and HAPCs

1969/12/31 - 20:00
Council Approved Maps: Peter Auster: "Note that the HAPCs approved for action by the Council are in no way official or in place until the end of the EFH ammendment process. Much can change. Note that one of the maps are the existing habitat (kind-of) closed areas.</p>
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NEBO Hudson Canyon Tilefish Segment

At our Oct. 17th meeting a request was made for positions and/or charts showing the locations of additional sites for NEBO investigatioin. A PowerPoint file has been uploaded with this message providing maps, images, explanation, and justification for a propose investigation of tilefish habitat adjacent to Hudson Canyon. The proposed investigation deals the use of HabCam to develop a method for stock assessment, and elucidate distribution patterns, community ecology and bioengineering activities by this species.

NEBO Kickoff Meeting

NEBO Kickoff Meeting

From Left to Right

Scott Gallager, Peter Auster, Kari Heinonen, Norman Vine, Amber York, Richard Franks Jr, Dvora Hart, Richard Taylor, Anya Watson, Lou Incze, Yuri Rzhanov

Meeting participants not pictured here: Steve Lerner, Christine Mingione, Chad Demarest, Hauke Kite-Powell, Jon Hare, Kathryn Ford, Vince Guida, and Amy Holt Cline.

NEBO kickoff meeting

2007/10/17 - 01:00
2007/10/17 - 01:01

Kickoff Meeting

Marine Research Facility, Room 107, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

NEBO Kickoff meeting October 17 1-5pm

There will be a Kickoff meeting for the NEBO project at Gallager’s lab (Marine Research Facility, Room 107, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution). All partners are encouraged to attend and bring ideas for data products to be developed for end users. Refreshments will be served.
Agenda items:
1. sentinel site selection
2. survey protocol
3. define appropriate data products (end user requirements)
4. define methods for producing specific data products (image informatics and statistical representation of community composition)
5. cruise schedule