2008/04/23 - 00:56
Operational Areas: 

NEBO cruise 2. Elephant Trunk Access Area, 27 fathoms, Mud Flats east of Hudson Canyon Access area, south of Hudson Canyon Trench ~70 fathoms. The images obtained from this cruise were collected during a regular scallop access area trip, sailing 20080421 and docking 20080427. Camera transects consisteing of a 1 sq. nm grid were conducted during each of 4 days for ~4 hours (0630-1030)while the fishing crew processed the deckload of scallops caught at 0500-0600. A single ~12 nm transect was conducted about 60 nm to the northeast in 68-70 fathoms depth in areas of known tilefish burrow concentrations to assess utility of the HABCAM system in identifying these areas.