3f. Milestone Schedule

1969/12/31 - 20:00

Schedule (refer to Table 3, Appendix 4b)
The schedule will depend strongly on field operations. Currently, we are funded by the Research Set Aside Program administered by NOAA to conduct surveys for sea scallop in several areas open and closed to fishing during the months of July and August. This has been an ongoing project since 2005 where we conduct independent imaging surveys to compare with NMFS trawl data and we shadow the R/V Albatross during their ground fish surveys to develop data on trawl efficiency. Although funding is currently only through 2007, we anticipate conducting surveys during 2008-2010. This will provide some overlap during summer months in areas common to the NEBO sentinel sites and NMFS survey requirements. For the purpose of planning ship time, however, we have broken out the two field programs to ensure availability of resources. The NEBO project would start October 2007 and we would spend three to four months preparing for field operations by setting up software for onboard image processing and calibrating the HabCam vehicle in our new Large Tank Optical Calibration Facility built at WHOI. NEBO field operations would commence in February for sampling of the four sentinel sites for 2 days each. Summer sampling would take place in September/October or earlier in August if we can overlap areas with the RSA survey program. While not at sea our labs will be processing data, developing high order synthesis data products and making presentations both over the internet through our website (http://habcam.whoi.edu/ and at various meetings. We will establish a Scientific and Technical Steering Committee and hold monthly meetings either at WHOI or UNH and/or conference calls with our end users and stakeholders. Monthly reports and updates will be made to NOAA/IOOS. Education and outreach efforts as coordinated by COOA at UNH will be continuous throughout the project but punctuated by semi-annual workshops with teachers, scientists and fishers. The Mass Fisherman’s Partnership together with NMFS personnel will convene annual workshops to showcase and evaluate our data products and request input to improve their application.