A key element of the project is the diverse but focused team of partners.

Core NEBO Team

Scott Gallager, Lead PI (WHOI, Biology Department) has been developing unique tools for quantifying plankton, benthic organisms, and bio-physical interactions controlling their distributions for 25 years.

Richard Taylor is an ex-fisherman and provides a strong connection to the commercial fishing industry. As logistical coordinator for all field operations, his passion for understanding benthic communities has driven the HabCam project from inception.

Norman Vine (Advanced Habitat Imaging Consortium), also an ex-fisherman, is an ace C++ programmer and Geo-Spatial Information visualization specialist.

Hauke Kit-Powell (WHOI Marine Policy Center) has been developing socio-economic models to quantify the impact of observatories for several years.

Amber York (WHOI Biology department) handles NEBO data processing at sea and onshore, and website maintenance.

Steve Lerner (WHOI Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering) brings a wealth of experience in real-time data visualizations over the web.

Larry Mayer (University of New Hampshire) leads the world class Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping program and provides expertise in the integration of acoustics and optics.

Yuri Rzhanov (University of New Hampshire, Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping) specializes in image registration, processing and target classification.

Amy Holt Cline (University of New Hampshire) is our education and outreach coordinator.

Peter Auster (National Undersea Research Center and Department of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut) has a long history of developing new approaches to characterizing benthic habitat.

Lakshman Prasad (Los Alamos National Laboratory) is an image informatics specialist with unique approaches to segmenting and classifying targets from complex imagery.

Kathryn Ford (Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries) is leading efforts to develop multi-beam acoustic approaches to habitat classification for the State of Massachusetts.

Arnie Demello, Owner, Paul Rosonina, Skipper, F/V Kathy Marie, scalloper out of New Bedford. Arnie, Paul and the great crew of the Kathy Marie have been collaborating with the HabCam project for several years. All data collected to date has been from this extremely seaworthy ship.  

 NEBO Project Partners

Michael Fogarty, Thomas Noji, Vincent Guida, Paul Rago, and Dvora Hart (NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service) are projects consultants to ensure NEBO data products meet NOAA requirements and are useful to the end users.

Sally McGee, Habitat Committee Chair (New England Fishery Management Council) is an end user and provides direct connections with critical stake holders- the fishing community.

Leslie Ann McGee (Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Program, Director) is developing new approaches to habitat characterization and management.

David Wiley (Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Science Director) is both an end user and stake holder in NEBO data products.

Lew Incze, (University of Southern Maine, and Chief Scientist, Gulf of Maine Census of Marine Life) provides links to the OBIS Ocean Biological Information System and a variety of end users.

Page Valentine and Walter Barnhardt (U.S. Geological Survey, Woods Hole Field Station) are acting as consultants to provide data accuracy and quality, and are end users.

Sara Ellis (Gulf of Maine Mapping Initiative) is developing a comprehensive acoustic characterization of the GOM. NEBO will provide ground truth information essential for this project.

David Bergeron and Olivia Free (Massachusetts Fisherman’s Partnership) lead a consortium of commercial fishers who have a direct interest in NEBO data products.