NEBO Kickoff meeting October 17 1-5pm

There will be a Kickoff meeting for the NEBO project at Gallager’s lab (Marine Research Facility, Room 107, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution). All partners are encouraged to attend and bring ideas for data products to be developed for end users. Refreshments will be served.
Agenda items:
1. sentinel site selection
2. survey protocol
3. define appropriate data products (end user requirements)
4. define methods for producing specific data products (image informatics and statistical representation of community composition)
5. cruise schedule
6. develop plans for outreach, public presentations, news releases, etc.

Please contact Scott at if you can make it.

So far we have the following confirmed attendees:
Amy Holt Cline (UNH)- by conference call
Lew Incze (USM)
GIS specialist (USM)-possible
Kathryn Ford (Mass Department of Marine Fisheries)
Hauke Kit-Powell (WHOI)
Dave Wiley (SBNMS)
Richard Taylor (AHIC)
Norman Vine (AHIC)
Steve Lerner (WHOI)
Amber York (WHOI)
Peter Auster (UConn)