2007/08/28 - 21:00
Operational Areas: 

This fourth cruise of 2007 continued camera survey of NOAA R/V Albatross IV scallop survey tows in the WGSC.
Camera survey continued north into SBNMS to control sites determined by Peter Auster (NURP) both inside and outside
the Western Gulf of Maine Closure Area. A pole mounted Benthos C3D 200khz multibeam was used for throughout, with the
vehicle-mounted Imagenix (675khz) also operating in sidescan mode.

This cruise marked the first time the towed vehicle was taken below fifty fathoms (100m) with the deepest being ~150m.
Also the first time where we spent significant time away from the most productive scallop areas. Two camera strobes failed
and were replaced on the last day. A total of over 2 million images were recorded.